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  VR Lab was founded last November by Datin Shireen Tan and her husband Dato’ Jack Tang.
Datin Shireen, who has a degree in marketing from Nottingham Trent University, has been
in various business ventures since the age of 18. At 23, she started an education business called
Master Mind Training Academy to provide financial education to students and corporations.
She taught students cash flow games, taking into account their dreams. She then moved into
property business before starting the VR venture. Her husband worked as a waiter at a cyber cafe
before picking up IT skills. “He comes from a middle income family that faced financial difficulties
during his teenage years. Determined to help, he started a home-run IT business at 17 and made his
first million by 23,” says Datin Shireen.
To date, Tang has founded numerous companies in various sectors— virtual reality, property
management, Internet services, food and beverage, education and electrical consulting work.
With the years in business, we foresee the potential in VR and  worked with HTC and
MSI for the equipment,” says Datin Shireen.

                T  H  E    B  R  A  I  N  S    B  E  H  I  N  D    V  R    L  A  B

O  U  R     T  E  A  M

V  R    L  A  B    E  X  P  E  R  I  E  N  C  E    C  E  N  T  R  E  S'    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S


V  R    L  A  B    V  I  S  U  A  L  I  Z  A  T  I  O  N    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S


V  R    L  A  B    M  E  D  I  A    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S



V  R    L  A  B    E  V  E  N  T    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S



V  R    L  A  B    T  E  C  H  N  O  L  O  G  Y    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S




V  R    L  A  B    E  D  U  C  A  T  I  O  N    P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S



 V  R    L  A  B    C  O  R  P  O  R  A  T  E    C  L  I  E  N  T  S

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